Wlibers Shocks
These outstanding shocks can be built to raise or lower your ride height and
will greatly improve your suspension performance. 

R1200GS Adventure and other models can be lowered up to 80mm
This one is lowered 50mm
Every Wilbers shock is built from scratch, and tuned specifically to the rider's weight and riding style

- Designed, tested and manufactured in Nordhorn Germany -
Ted sitting on a 2010 R1200GSA with ESA shocks on
his tip-toes before lowering...
...Same 2010 GSA after we installed the Wilbers
ESA shocks lowered 50mm.  Ted is now just
about flat footed and he has a 30" inseam
Ted sitting flat footed on a 2013 F800GS after
lowering 30mm with Wilbers suspension.
Ted has a 30" inseam

A happy customer picking up his F800GS after
60mm lowering. He's now flat footed with a 28"
Ducati Monster lowered 40mm with Wilbers Suspension.  Sharon can now flat foot it.
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